Happy New Year from Sidewalk Society

We hope it’s gearing up to be a sunny, dream-fulfilling 2012 for friends, fans and soon-to-be fans.

Our big goal for last year finally came to fruition just days before the ball dropped: the completion of our second full-length LP, Venus, Saturn and the Crescent Moon. Having mixed it to near-perfection, we’re now ridiculously excited to pipe it into the ears of rock-and-roll enthusiasts around the globe. We’re currently working on finding the right outfit to release it (colored vinyl would be nice), but until then, we’re deciding on the best place to stream a few tracks for public consumption. We’ll keep you posted on where that will be.

Other forthcoming releases include our version of “She Says Good Morning” on Fruits de Mer’s Pretty Things tribute LP Songs of Sorrow, slated for this spring.

Also, the extremely awesome Strange Brew Podcast will feature our cover of “Red Chair Fade Away” on its February Bee Gees edition. Many thanks to Jason Barnard for your enthusiasm and continued support of Sidewalk Society. Here’s a taste of our cover, but do be sure to catch it aired in all its full-length glory.

That’s about it for us, for now. Hope to see you all in a live setting very, very soon!

—Dan, Dan and Jerry