“In the First Place” and “Dandelion”

Fruits de Mer Volume 14 is sold out, but if you missed out on the vinyl, we’ve posted full-length versions of “In the First Place” and “Dandelion” to SoundCloud. Enjoy!


Happy birthday, George Harrison!

Retrospace has reprinted Martin Lewis’ story behind “In the First Place,” the somewhat obscure and nearly forgotten track featured in the re-release of the 1968 film Wonderwall, for which George did the soundtrack. It’s worth checking out and listening to the original.

After that, definitely give Sidewalk Society’s version a listen. It’s as haunting and possibly even more dynamic than The Remo Four’s version.

You can sample it at Fruits de Mer Records’ Myspace page.

Once you’re in love with it, get a hold of the vinyl 7”, on which you’ll find three other cover gems performed by the band:

“Lazy Old Sun” by The Kinks, “Dandelion” by The Rolling Stones and “Tell Me (Have You Ever Seen Me)” by The Small Faces

The record is still on sale, but in short supply here.