Sidewalk Society is Dan Lawrence (guitar/vocals), Dan West (bass/vocals), and Jerry Buszek (drums)—a trio whose unique approach and style pay homage to the groundbreaking music that emerged in the mid to late ’60s and early ’70s, while maintaining a quality entirely modern and relevant. Drawing inspiration from groups like the Kinks, the Small Faces, T.Rex and Big Star, Sidewalk Society has harnessed a groove that rides alongside contemporary rock ’n’ roll acts ranging from Dungen to The 88.

The band was founded by childhood friends Dan Lawrence and Dan West after bonding in the seventh grade over a mutual love for The Who Sell Out album. The addition of the fantastic Jerry Buszek (The Shakes and The Sexies) has provided an additional boost to this power trio’s diverse sound, which owes as much to the spirit of bebop as it does to classic pyschedelia.

Sidewalk Society have played clubs around Los Angeles and the Bay Area, garnering them accolades from the scene’s cognoscenti for their original work. In addition, their well-received, self-titled 7-inch of British psych covers for U.K. indie label Fruits der Mer (FdM) highlights their unique ability to remaster the masters. Their cover of the Bee Gees’ “Red Chair, Fade Away” was included on FdM’s highly collectable A Phase We’re Going Through compilation, and was most recently featured on the compilation Plankton, the first release in Record Collector Magazine’s Modern Collectables Vinyl Series.

The LP of original songs, Venus, Saturn and the Crescent Moon (Grandioso), which Shindig! magazine saidgrooves on jagged, aggressive powerpop, breezy orchestral pop . . . and jamming mod-psych freeform with amazing results” is currently available online and at independent record shops around the U.S. and in the U.K.


1 thought on “MEET THE BAND

  1. Hey dudes it was awesome to see you perform at cody’s cantina. Great stuff keep rocking.

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